Everything has to start somewhere, and the idea for Clementina came to us by surprise…one of those lightbulb moments that suddenly hits you and turns out to be just right!

One weekend on the way to the coast we were having a laugh and just playing around with ideas. What started off as a tentative ‘imagine if…’ hit a note and before we knew it we were talking about a serious creative project.

Since then it’s been all go! We’re a small, young team and do everything ourselves. We travel in search of inspiration for design and patterns, we do all our own photography and design. It’s hard work but we love it…and we think that this is reflected in our collections.

Our studio is in Barcelona but our team consists of people from all over the world. We have experience in the textile industry and this really shows in the way we create and operate.

Right from the start we knew that Clementina needed to personify a natural life-style – simple and cheerful and just like us☺

Our collections are designed for women who want to look great and feel confident and comfortable when they wear our clothing – it’s subtle and easy to wear but stylish too. Clementina is all about soft structure, lightweight fabric and bright colours.

Clementina clothes and accessories have those special touches and details, from the initial visual impact of the design and shape to the perfect interior finish.

Our first collection is Spring/Summer 2014. We’ve given it love and dedication and hope that you like it and share in our exciting journey!